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As the darker mornings and evenings roll in, we have joined forces with Kent County Council Road Safety to help children in Kent 'Be Bright Be Seen'.

If you’re a motorist you’ll know how difficult it can sometimes be to see pedestrians and cyclists during the dark mornings and evenings, or when visibility is poor.

Your child will have been learning the road safety message ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ at school, and it’s important that we do everything we can to help children in Kent to be easily seen near traffic, especially as many school uniforms are dark. Most primary schools don’t have rules about outer garments, so selecting a bright coat can help, as can providing fluorescent and reflective armbands and school bags etc.

This is a particular issue with 11-year-old children who are moving up to secondary school where longer journeys are often made on foot and uniforms are usually compulsory.

Kent County Council Road Safety have put together some tips to keep you visible this winter.

How can my child be seen more easily?

1. On dull days your child can wear bright or fluorescent colours

  • Special high-visibility tabards and other clothing can be bought from many retailers

  • Fluorescent armbands can also be worn overcoats and other clothing

  • Bags are also available in bright colours or with high-visibility strips

2. If walking or cycling at night reflective clothing is needed

  • Reflective clothing reflects light from car and bike headlamps

  • Reflective armbands and clothing can be bought for children

  • Remember that fluorescent colours do not show up in the dark

For older children who may consider fluorescent and reflective armbands and clothing ‘uncool,' stickers can be bought which can be put on bags or coats.

This message isn’t only for children: make sure you wear bright clothing too.


kmfm and the wider KM Media Group are supporting the 'Be Bright Be Seen' campaign by distributing thousands of reflective discs (as pictured above) that easily clip onto bags, clothing, bikes and much more. 

Thank you for interest in receiving a reflective disc. We will be selecting a number of schools and delivering discs free of charge to help children in Kent be visible this winter very soon.

  • Terms and Conditions

  • By submitting this form you agree that you are a teacher or youth group leader and that the reflective discs/keyrings supplied by KM Media Group and Kent County Council Road Safety will be distributed to the groups you are responsible for.
  • The reflective discs/keyrings will not be re-sold.
  • The school/s that are successful in their submission to receive reflective discs will be sent the discs to the registered school address only. 
  • Schools that are successful will be randomly selected from the entries we receive. Not all entries will be successful. 

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