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Halloween is one of the most fun parts of the year for many people that live in Kent!

So we asked the kmfm team to give us the ‘must have’ list of items for Halloween 2017!


1: Inflatable Grim Reaper Fancy Dress Costume £29.99



This funny inflatable costume of the Grim Reaper looks like he is carrying a body. It includes a built-in fan and fits people between 5 and 6 feet tall. Simply step in, be sure to tighten all the drawstrings located at the waist and cuffs etc (see inside the costume) and then inflate. This makes a fantastic Halloween costume or Birthday for men and teenagers.



2: Lego Trick or Treat Halloween £18.99


Create a bewitching Halloween scene with the LEGO® Trick or Treat set including a skeleton, haunted house entrance scene, and dead tree. Role-play an eerie Halloween scene with this spooky LEGO® Trick or Treat set! Dress up the girl mini-figure as a witch, complete with pointy hat and broom, and take a bucket for the treats you hope to receive. 


3: George Skeleton Kit Make Up £3.50


4: Glow In The Dark Halloween £14.77


These spooky statuettes are ready to make your next Halloween festivity a real monster mash! This Toob contains some of the most iconic Halloween images, including a glow-in-the-dark bat, cat, skeleton, ghost, witch, cauldron, spider with a web, and a pumpkin.


5: Illooms Blinking Alien Light-Up Balloons £3.50




6: UNOMOR Halloween Candy Bags £10.99


No more need to worry about nothing to hold your gifts for Halloween party, get the UNOMOR Halloween Treat Bags to help you manage your gift prop in an easy way !


7: 'Little Pumpkin' Halloween Baby Bib £9  


8: Halloween Ghost Window Sticker £10



9: Tinksky Pumpkin Candy Bucket £6.99


This pumpkin bucket is designed and manufactured especially for Halloween use. Children can take this pumpkin bucket to store a lot of treats in!


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