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Laura Nevitt

Hey, I'm Laura!

I'm a bit of a young-fogie, happiest on the sofa in my furry slippers watching Bake Off with my fiancé! (Although I'll need to find a new favourite now that Mary Berry has left (sob!!))

I'd describe myself as a complete girly girl. I love getting glammed up with my friends for a night out for dancing and cocktails! Always a Passion Fruit Martini for me (The Pound in Canterbury being one of my favourite cocktails bars!)

When I'm not on kmfm you'll find me buried in wedding magazines and scrolling through Pinterest getting ideas for our big day... 29th July, it's coming round so quickly!

One of my favourite things about Kent is how you can be 20 minutes on a train from the buzz of central London but only a short drive away from the beach at the same time. Joss Bay has to be my favourite beach in Kent. When the weather is right you feel as though you're abroad it's beautiful, and it's only 5 minutes away from the best ice cream in our county from Morellis. Perfect after a long session of paddle boarding which I tried for the first time in the summer - I'm hooked!

Random 5 questions:

Have you ever cut your own hair you ask? Oh boy yes. I was about 7 years old and I needed a fringe cut so out came the bathroom nail scissors. The problem was I didn't cut it straight so I had to go back the other way to straighten it up. Once I started I couldn't stop, my fringe got shorter and shorter until I ended up with a 1 inch tuft in the middle of my head!! I had to hide it behind clips for 8 weeks until it grew back long enough to wear it down!! Awful! 

Best / worst chat up line? "How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice Hi I'm Laura!"

What was your first job? My very first job was washing up and working in the kitchen for a local after school club, they always used to wonder why it took me so long and it's because I spent most of the time munching on the biscuits they kept in the cupboard next to the sink!

Name 1 adrenaline sport you would love to do? Would be a bungee jump! But if I chickened out of that I'd love to try riding a jet ski, maybe if I ask Rob Wills nicely he'll let me have a go on his!

If you were an emoji you would be? The bride of course!! (Can you tell I'm excited to get married?!)

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