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Luke Gregory


I'm Luke, I've recently graduated from Uni and after living as a student for the past three years I’m now trying to get to grips with the “real world”. I live at home with my parents and I love to cook and try new recipes in the kitchen, although you can’t beat a good fajita.

I'm a HUGE football fan and when I’m at home its usually all I have on the TV. I'm a Luton Town supporter (don’t judge me on that!) and love to get down the stadium when I’m free to see a live game. 

Kent has some awesome childhood memories for me as my grandparents used to bring me and my sisters to the coast for a holiday when I was growing up. 


Random 5 questions

One chore at home you hate? Changing my bed sheets!!! It takes SO long and my girlfriend never helps. (Cue angry girlfriends)

Name a sport your terrible at? Rugby! Whenever this came up in P.E at school I would get my parents to write me a letter saying I was injured. 

What is the longest car trip you have ever taken? Me and my girlfriend went to Cornwall for a holiday one year and got lost on the way there. Anyone that has ever done that drive will know that one wrong turn and you lost best part of a day!

What is your favourite breakfast? Toasted bagel with butter is the most perfect way to start the day.

Are you a clean home or messy home type person? I want to be a clean home person but somehow my room is always messy. Although I usually blame my girlfriend for leaving her clothes everywhere.

Come say hi on twitter  @itslukegregory

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