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Tony Blackburn

Hi, I'm Tony Blackburn.

You can listen to me on Sunday's 4-7pm as I bring you 'Tony Blackburn's Playlist.' I love being on the radio. I have done it for so long now - it's another thing that keeps me young (the other is below in the 'Random Questions')

I was born in Guildford, Surrey and made my first public appearance with the Ian Ralfini Dance Orchestra at the Bournemouth Pavilion while at college. 

I am proud to say that I have watched every episode of Coronation Street.

I once had a 1.5 metre Satellite dish which revolved to pick up extra channels on the top of my house in Kensington, London. A neighbour reported it to the authorities because they thought I was a spy.

When I am not on air, I am usually on social media. I love Tweeting. You can follow me, @tonyblackburn.  


Random 5 questions

What is your favorite breakfast? Porridge - it keeps me healthy and looking incredibly young!

Who do you spend more time with? My wife Debbie and daughter Victoria.

Your very first job was? Selling ice creams along Bournemouth Sea front (vanilla tubs!)

Are you a clean home or a messy home type of person?  I like my home to be tidy, but my study where my music collection is kept is a bit of a mess. 

Name a sport you are terrible at? I am terrible at most sports as I have little interest in them, although I got a sports Scholarship to Millfield School in Somerset, so I was good as a youngster. I lost interest when I got older and got interested in music.


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