Say My Name terms and conditions

Anyone who enters the Competition (an "Entrant") will be deemed to have understood these Rules along with the Terms and Condition and will be bound by them.

The following rules are in addition to the kmfm competition terms and conditions which can be found here.

Competition Rules.

To enter the Competition an Entrant must text ‘Say’ plus their full name and the Kent town they live in to 87474.

Texts are charged at your standard network rate.

Entries are open from 5th August 00:00 through to 15:50 on 23rd August 2019.

Texts sent before or after this time will not be entered and may still be charged.

Text entries are limited to 10 per day per entrant. Entries sent from the same text number above this amount will not be included. 

Incomplete texts may not be included.

Entrants must be aged 16 or over to enter.

During game play hours, Monday to Friday (5th-23rd August) at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm the name and Kent town of a randomly chosen text entry will be read out on air straight after the news.

That entrant will have 10 minutes to call the studio on 01227 786106 (calls charged at standard network rate) to claim the money.

The presenter will announce the closing time on air.

If that entrant calls in in time they will win the cash jackpot, as announced by the presenter. 

If that entrant does to call in in time, £10 will be added to the cash jackpot for the next game play hour when another randomly chosen name will be called out on air.

This will continue until an entrant wins the money. Then the money will re-set at £100.

If the caller is driving at the time of their call, they will be asked to pull over to continue the call.

A call will be recorded and played out on air.

The randomly chosen entrant will be required to talk to the on air presenter.

Should entrants call the studio on a number that isn't the mobile number they entered with they will be asked to confirm the mobile number they entered with. They may also be asked to confirm their full name and the town they are from that was included in their text entry.

Should the entrant not be able to supply the mobile number, full name or town they entered with, the presenter/producer may regard this as a "no win" and the competition will continue with no winner for that game-play round. The presenter/producer's word is final.

This competition runs between 5th-23rd August 2019.

There will be no competition on Monday 26th August 2019.


The cash jackpot as announced on air.


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