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Emma Adam

Hi there! So, I’m Emma; frazzled mum during the week, ‘having a break from the kids’ radio star at the weekends. I LOVE playing tunes on the radio and hearing what everyone around the county is up to, but just be grateful you can’t hear me singing along to EVERYTHING in the studio. I’m quite the frustrated karaoke star, and as for my dance moves.....

At home I try to be a domestic goddess but chaos generally prevails. You know when you tidy one room then walk into another to find the children have trashed it? Yep, that’s my life! Wouldn’t have it any other way, of course, with my two daughters keeping me busy. As well as tidying up after small people, I can throw together a lovely bit of sponge cake, I have a strange addiction to ironing (I really like pressing the steam button!) and I’m a dab hand at helping with the maths homework. Keeping myself and the family company are a goldfish (Fishy), a cat (Poppy) and two chickens (Hillary Cluckton and Rosanna Ark-ette). I’ve been saying for twenty years that I’m going to get a dog but I still haven’t done it.

I’m always out and about with the children & Mr Emma. We particularly like the Riverhill Himalayan Gardens for a good run around near Sevenoaks and, as Bagpuss fans, the Canterbury Heritage Museum where the saggy old cloth cat lives. I get star-struck every time! I really love the mixture of things there are to enjoy in Kent – rolling countryside for picnics, the beach on a sunny day, fabulous castles (I LOVE castles!). Oh, and Bagpuss. Did I mention him?


Random 5 questions:

What's your favourite breakfast? Strong, black coffee.

What is the longest car trip you have ever taken? During my student days I spent a year at a uni in the USA. With three friends, I hired a car and went on a 3,000 mile road-trip in 2 weeks. We hardly had any money so we could only afford to hire the smallest car they had. It was, urm.... cosy!

One adrenaline sport you would love to do? Rafting through the Grand Canyon.

A sport you are terrible at? Running marathons. I’ve done three of them and I’ve got slower and more fed up with it each time.

If you were an emoji?  

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