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Be Bright Be Seen 2022 with Medway Council

Be Bright, Be Seen on Medway's roads

We have teamed up with Medway Council and Specsavers Medway Stores to support the 'Be Bright Be Seen' campaign to help motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users stay safe on the roads.

Young children across Medway will be making journeys to and from school over the coming months and as the shorter days roll in it's incredibly important to make sure they are seen.

The smallest amount of reflective wear will make a difference, whether it is a:

  • key ring
  • bag tag
  • sticker
  • high visibility vests
  • bike reflector
  • spoke

Helpful tips

Take a look at these helpful tips on staying bright and safe this winter!

  • Wearing something reflective at night means you become visible at up to 150 metres sooner when a car headlight shines on you, giving drivers up to five times more distance to notice you
  • in the daytime, wear something brightly coloured or fluorescent as it will make you up to 15 times more visible. Remember, fluorescent clothing does not work after dark
  • if you're a cyclist, it is the law to have clean and working lights on your bike - red at the back and white at the front. You must also fit your bike with red rear reflectors
  • being bright and being seen is only part of staying safe. If you're out at night, choose routes and crossing places that are well lit and remember to always use the Green Cross Code
  • find the safest place to cross, and stop, look and listen.

Supported by Specsavers Medway Stores





Teachers, teaching assistants, youth group leaders and headteachers across Kent are being asked to apply for their allocation* of free reflective keyrings and/or high visibility jackets which will be sent to their school, scouting groups or other community organisations.

Please do not request keyrings if your child is in Year 6. All Year 6 children across Medway will be receiving their free 'Be Bright Be Seen' keyring from Medway Council via their school. Please talk directly to your school for more information.



*You can request only 100 keyrings or 50 high visibility vests per person/organisation and requests are randomly selected until all of the free items have been allocated.

To apply, please complete in full the form below by 23:59pm, 13 November to qualify.





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