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Best Dad Ever


Show Your Dad he's the BEST this Father's Day on kmfm!

They're the champions of the barbecues, turn DIY disasters into triumphs and run a free taxi service!
This Father's Day, let's give Dad’s of Kent the spotlight they deserve!

In secret, send us a voicenote wishing your dad a Happy Father's Day and we could play it out on the day. 

Mums, you can help the kids out with this, and grown up kids you can send yours in too!

Then make sure your Dad is listening to kmfm on Sunday - we'll be playing Kent’s Biggest Hits and playing out your messages all day from 8am to 4pm

You can send the voice note now on our social media, message ‘kmfmofficial’ on Facebook or Instagram - or you can also send one on the kmfm app.

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