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Kitchen Nightmare with Comptons - Terms


kmfm Terms and Conditions

Anyone who enters the Competition (an "Entrant") will be deemed to have understood these Rules along with the Terms and Conditions and will be bound by them

The following rules are together with and in addition to the kmfm competition terms and conditions which can be found here

Competition Rules

To enter the Competition an Entrant must send between 1 and 3 photos of their ‘Kitchen Nightmare’. A ‘Kitchen Nightmare’ is defined as a kitchen that is in your home, that you would have permission to remove and install a new kitchen and in an owned house only (not rented/leased).

The photos sent need to show the condition of the kitchen and the kitchen must belong to the Entrant. This is an online-only competition and Entrants must fill in the entry form fully to be considered.

Incomplete entries may not be counted. Entrants must be a resident in Kent and live in the BR, CT, DA, ME, or TN postcode areas.

One person will be chosen as the winner after the competition closes at 23:00 on 07.08.22

This competition starts on 25.07.22 AND ENDS 07.08.22 and is an online competition only.


1x £5000 credit towards a Symphony Range Kitchen (exc New England) of your choice with free fitting 

The winner can add to the fund to increase the items/style/fittings and fixtures but anything over £5000 will be chargeable. Anything under £5000 cannot be transferred to cash or any other item.


The kitchen must be selected and fitted by 24.12.22 subject to availability with Comptons.

This prize is non-transferable and does not have a cash alternative.


Comptons Standard Terms and Conditions



1.1) When placing an order for a kitchen we require an initial a 25% deposit this will put the customer into the queue and a date will be given to them for installation. This may be subject to change due to materials being out of stock or some other valid reasons beyond our control.

1.2) Four Weeks before due date of your kitchen we require a further 25% of the total price, bringing total paid to 50%.

1.3) On the day before delivery we require the balance paid minus 10% for Kitchens under £9999, 5% for kitchens over £10000 or 2.5% for kitchens over £20000, which is held back by the customer until all work and snagging list is completed. Once the customer is completely happy with the end product the remaining % we ask then to be paid.

2) We accept card payments subject to a surcharge of 2.5%

3.1) If these payments are not made on time and your job is delayed you may be subject to costs of tradesmen previously booked in.

3.2) If your kitchen is delayed for reasons out of our control, payment is still due on the required dates.

3.3) If your kitchen is delayed throughout installation for reasons out of our control, your competition payment will be due for the end of the fitting schedule.

3.4) Final Payments are Due within 7 Days of Completion CABINETS & DOORS 4) OUR bespoke kitchens are all handmade.

4.1) There is a choice between pine, oak and birch. If there is any change to selection after 14 days from order this can be chargeable.

5) If the doors/draw fronts are made in reclaimed timbers there may be some colour various from them.

5.1) Reclaimed wood samples in our shops may differ to what is then put into your kitchen due to different batches and ages.

5.2) Reclaimed timber will have twists, knots or even gaps and notches in the timber.

6) All Doors are handcrafted and painted as of such runs or chips may occur, in the unlikely event Comptons will take the doors back and repaint, this may cause a delay to your original competition date.

6.1) All small chips in doors will be made good of on site.

6.2) Comptons will design their units with extreme consideration to the practicality of the unit lasting for the duration of the guarantee period.

6.3) Any Special requirements on unit design Comptons need to be informed on or before the final measurement process.



7.1) Quartz Work-surfaces are a maximum of 3m lengths

7.2) If your kitchen worktop needs a join in them Comptons will design accordingly and the joins will be placed where necessary

7.3) Any joins made will be filled and leveled appropriately

7.4) Comptons will not advise where joints will need to be unless asked.

7.5) Some joins may differ in size, there is no given guideline on how big or small these joins can be.

8.0) Quartz Worktops are available in only 20mm or 30mm Depths.

8.1) Any wood and quartz worktop combinations may have different depths in worktops when placed next to one another

8.2) Any Quartz damaged or incorrectly installed during the installation process will be replaced. However the whole worktop will not be.

8.3) Every Slab of Quartz can be slightly different

9) Any changes to worktop design after 28 days before installation will be due to a cost

9.1) Granite, Marble and Quartzite Can be very fragile. Comptons will not take any responsibility for any damage caused after installation

9.2) Any Changes to choice in worktops before installation will be due for payment before the installation process starts



10) We require you to pick your paint at least four weeks before installation date. Any Change in colour after that will be subject to a cost and a possible delay on installation.

11) We offered a wide range of all farrow and ball colours and other certain companies however all paints are mixed and matched using other paint manufacturers that comply with kitchen paints.

11.1) As paints are mixed they may not be an exact match to the original company or any other paints bought separately

11.2) All paints can look different in all types of lighting

12) All paint we use is a 2 Pac paint suitable for wet rooms, however all Units, frames and doors cannot be subject to quick changes in extreme temperatures.

12.1) We will not install a painted kitchen in a room not up to temperature if a new or refurbished building.

13) All cabinets are properly prepared prior to painting, including fine sanding, Filling, 2 coats of primer then 2 coats of top coat are applied by spraying which gives an even finish.

14.1) Delivery and Installation may cause small chips or scratches in units or doors. Touchups will then be required on site.

14.2) Any major re-painting after damage by any member of the Comptons team will be taken back and resprayed

14.3) Any damage caused by a non member of Compton’s team will be due a cost to repaint



15) We give a 15 year guarantee for our kitchen units this doesn’t include water damage or misuse of the units or the paintwork from chips or general wear and tear.

15.1) Guarantees are only valid if full payment of the kitchen has been made

15.2) Guarantees are given once the full kitchen is complete and signed off.

15.3) All Guarantees will be invalid if correct instructions are not followed on Comptons Care sheets

16) We offer a wide selection of worktops All with different guarantees, a separate guarantee will be given according to which product is selected.



17.1) When using our reclaimed timber, We can’t guarantee the colour, and size of the boards that we use and how many marks the boards will have in them we do our upmost to make sure we pick the correct boards according to the customer's individual spec and brief to us.

17.2) Our Pine wood work surfaces are an old natural material. These pine joists do shrink and expand and do occasionally split. We will come out once to fix these natural splits but can only go to a reasonable level of fixation.

17.3) These work surfaces and table tops are made from fully reclaimed timber and are handmade. They will NOT be perfectly flat. We cannot take any responsibility for any edges not perfectly flat or level.



18.1) Please advise at the time of ordering any problems of parking outside the property, and if there are any steps/ stairs /lift/once inside the property or any problems gaining access to the property.

18.2) Any Difficult access that require more time or extra staff will incur an extra cost.

18.3) Delivery can occur all throughout the process of different items.



19.1) All renders produced are given as an idea of the kitchen the customer can achieve but do not give the exact kitchen of installation.

19.2) If a Bespoke quote is given with a bespoke render and the customer then decides to go for our hybrid option, a second Render will not be given unless requested.

19.3) If you have a bespoke render but go for our hybrid option, the render and the quote will not match.

19.4) Any extras in renders that are not listed on the quote will not be supplied.

19.5) Each customer will have an allowance of 1 Free Renders courtesy of Comptons, any further renders will be subject to cost. This cost will be taken off the total price of the kitchen if a deposit is paid.

19.6) Floor Plans will be available to independent builders but will not be a scale drawing.

19.7) Comptons Will not take responsibility for any incorrect measurements from independent parties if they have not requested a scale drawing.


Fitting and Installation:

20.0) Comptons offer a dry fit kitchen fitting service only. Any other services may be available on request

20.1) Fitting and Installation can take up to 21 Days depending on the scale of your job.

20.2) If any of the factors listed in this document happen during the time of fitting Comptons will not be liable for any delay in the competition of your Kitchen.

20.3) Any outside trades required I.E electricians, plumbers, tilers etc are a separate entity to Comptons.

20.4) Comptons will supply if asked any contact details of any external tradesman but will have no liability attached to their work.

20.5) Any External quotes provided for any of the services above have no links to Comptons unless stated otherwise

20.6) Any Delays in an installation will not be liable for compensation

20.7) Any alterations to any Units, Doors or work surfaces due to any item placed in the kitchen that was not there when final measurements were taken will be chargeable and if any delay is caused this will also be chargeable.



21) Written Quotations All quotations and cost estimates are without obligation. Quotations are valid for 90 days (Ninety days) from their date of issue. After this time the Contractor reserves the right to create another quotation or amend the original quotation. Costs may also increase where the scope of works have to be changed at the beginning, middle or end of the works due to unforeseen circumstances. In some cases, where the estimate or quote has been submitted for a Limited Company, Trust, Charitable Organisation or any other type of organisation that is itself VAT registered, we will estimate or quote up costs, and these will usually be excluding VAT at the current UK taxable rate, which is currently set at 20%, unless otherwise stated. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ask before approval whether VAT is added to the requested estimate or quote.

22) The Contract takes effect on acceptance by the Customer, either verbally or in writing, of the quotation or estimate submitted by the Contractor. Where the Contractor has been asked by the Customer to undertake immediate or additional works at the Customer’s bequest, the Customer is liable for additional charges for design time, materials, travel and time costs, this also relates to unforeseen circumstances discovered during the building investigation process at the start of any Works. The Contractor commits itself to execute the works to the best of its ability, thereby employing sound professional knowledge, skills and experience, with due regard to the Customer’s requirements and in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards. The Contractor shall take all necessary steps to ensure that the worksite is left clean, tidy and safe on completion of all works (unless agreed otherwise in writing or verbally or within the Quotation/ Estimate). All of the Contractors work is by written quotation, fixed costs or estimations agreed and approved in writing or verbally with the Customer’s prior to agreement to commence works on a scheduled and agreed date. Where a written quotation/estimate has been supplied to the Customer the total charge to the Customer referred to in the quotation or estimate should be the amount payable, but may be revised in the following circumstances: (i) if after submission of the estimate the Customer instructs the Contractor (whether verbally or in writing) to carry out additional works not referred to in the quotation or estimate or are otherwise outside of the scope of works being billed either personally or through insurance claim; (ii) if after submission of the quotation or estimate, it is discovered that further works need to be carried out which were not anticipated when the quotation/estimate was previously prepared, e.g. further repairs or defects to the internal or external of the building are necessary before work is completed satisfactory, then those costs will be included in final invoices; (iii) if after submission of the quotation/estimate it is discovered that there was a manifest error when the quotation was prepared, for example rises in materials or labour costs, or even that additional or different materials are required or necessary. The Contractor shall not be bound by any quotations/estimates given orally or in which manifest errors occur where the final invoice may be different to that submitted, but every effort will be made to inform the Customer of such rises either written or verbal, but the Contractor shall not be bound to this communication.

23) Any Further extras agreed on after installation commences they are due for payment before they are installed.

24) Any Cancellation given within 14 days of Deposit will be refunded fully, any cancellations thereafter will be subject to any costs incurred from Comptons ordering materials where necessary


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