Say It! Competition Terms And Conditions

Say It Competition Rules

Anyone who enters the Competition (an "Entrant") will be deemed to have understood these Rules along with the Terms and Conditions and will be bound by them

The following rules are together with, and in addition to the kmfm competition terms and conditions which can be found here

To enter the Competition an Entrant must call the studio (01227 786 106) when requested by the on air presenter/s

One line will be chosen at random after 60 seconds. The chosen entrant will be asked to choose which presenter they want on their team. That chosen presenter will then describe things to the entrant who has to guess as many correctly as they can in 60 seconds. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. The entrant can pass if they wish.

The entrant with the highest score on the last week day of the month will win £1,000 (to be paid into the winner's bank account).

Entrants with a potentially winning score will be asked a 'nearest to' question off air. In the event of two or more entrants having the same score in a month, the entrant with the 'nearest to' answer closest to the correct answer will be deemed the winner.

If the chosen entrant does not answer their phone or there are any faults before/during the call and it's not possible to re-establish the call, another entrant will be chosen at random.

If the chosen entrant is driving at the time of the call and can not pull over or the entrant can not continue for whatever reason, another entrant may be chosen at random.

A call will be recorded and played out on air.

The randomly chosen entrant will be required to have a chat with the on air presenter and play the game.

This competition runs on kmfm Breakfast Monday-Friday.

This competition does not run during bank holidays (eg, bank holiday Monday).

The final round for December 2018 will be Friday 21st December 2018, and will start again Wednesday 2nd January 2019.


£1,000 (to be paid directly into the winner's bank account)


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