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Andy Walker

Hi. I'm Andy.

You can catch me on kmfm 11am-4pm playing you Kent's Biggest Hits and on Saturday mornings, 7-11am.

I'm a Kent guy. I've lived here since I was 2 years old, so I think that pretty much counts as all of my life. I can direct you if you ever get lost, so it definitely means I'm a Kent boy.

Information for my stalkers: When I'm not on the radio, I like to be lazy and lay on the sofa at home catching up on TV shows/series, like Blue Bloods, Hawaii 5-0 and anything with Ant and Dec hosting. They are entertainment legends. 

In between that, I like to grab a Costa, and explore parts of our county that I haven't been to (Kent's massive), and take (what I like to think are) arty pictures and upload them to my Insta. I like to do that in London too.

One town I really love is Rochester High Street. There is a restaurant called Topes. It's one of my favs.

People always ask, 'Whats the most important things in life. It's laughing, friends and family, and Sky+.


Random 5 Questions:

What is your favourite breakfast? kmfm Breakfast with Garry and Laura (...and then a full English fry up)

Fave toy when you were a kid? All of my Star Wars ones. I sold them all for 20p at a boot fair. #Devastated 

Are you a clean home or a messy home type of person? Clean. I mean, pick up after yourself!

Have you ever cut your own hair? I don't need to!

If you were an emoji, which one are you? 

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