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Rob Wills

So me then!

I drive Kent home weekdays from 4pm, and then bring the party Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm!

I live in Sittingbourne with Mrs Rob (who isn't actually Mrs Rob it's just that if I change her you will never know!) and you really wouldn't want her job of looking after me!

I love America, food and fast cars and one of these I do more than the other two which is why I now rock a beard; to hide a few chins!

When I am not on the radio I love my holidays and hanging with my friends, spending time in my studio at home, and when it's hot and sunny you will find jet skiing off Herne Bay, probably complaining about being cold.


Random 5 questions: 

What is the longest car trip you have ever taken? In my infinite wisdom one year I drove a new car to Alicante in Spain and broke down. 1100 miles from home, forgot to move the breakdown cover over to my new car and it was a National Holiday in Spain...it was at this point I knew Mrs Rob cheesed off!

One chore at home you hate? The lawn! I am trying to convince the powers that be that AstroTurf is the answer!

Have you ever cut your own hair? Probably yeh. I mean looking back at my childhood photos surely my parents wouldn't have done that to me!

Name a sport you are terrible at? I was pretty good at most sports when I was at school...bar one! Hockey. Just could not work it out. Why can I only use this side of the stick?! WHY!!!

What is your favourite breakfast? Bacon sarnie! BUT there are strict terms and conditions. Both sides need butter and the bacon should not be too crispy or under cooked. Sauce...there are rules there too! If it's a toasted sarnie it's HP and if it's just a sandwich tomato ketchup! 

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